Heard of Teen Patti game and not sure what is it? This article share everything about Teen Patti you should know.

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If you’re looking for a gambling based card game, then teen patti is definitely one of the better options out there. It was created in India, and it’s very popular in the Southern part of Asia, but also other regions as well. Its origin stems from the three-card brag and poker, with some added features and ideas.

Some also call it flash or flush. What a lot of people don’t know about teen patti is the fact that it’s very closely connected to the Hindu celebrations. Yes, it is a social game, and it’s also one closely connected to the community as a whole.

Where was teen patti originally created?

Teen Patti from India

Teen Patti is origins from India. As you can see, it was influenced by some western games, but it still has its fair share of unique benefits and features. Which is great, because it adds that element of gambling a lot of players want, while still keeping it fair and interesting.

That’s the thing that truly makes it stand out and unlike any other game that you can find out there. However, it can be very hard to know the exact time when teen patti was created.

How can you play teen patti?

You can bet on each hand, and there are specific guidelines here. You can go loose and tight, which is the tendency to play hands beyond the first round, or you just fold fast. You have an entry fee and usually that’s equal between players, but it can also be different. Betting limits will allow you to adapt your bet, you can have a fixed limit bed, spread limit bet or a pot limit.

How to play teen patti?

  1. You select the dealer, draw cards in order to see who does that, the highest drawing card will get the honor, but every round players will take turns in being the dealer, and you can do that clockwise.
  2. Then you place the ante, and there is a pot which is equal to 1024 times the ante. But you can also play without limits if you want, depending on the players.
  3. You receive 3 cards face down, and you can study them to figure out the strategy.
  4. After that, the player which is on the left hand side of the dealer is the one that needs to start acting. The idea here is that you either play blind, or you fold or raise. The option is theirs, and it will be the stake for this particular situation, which is extremely important to keep in mind.
  5. Then you continue acting, which allows every player to continue playing the way they way. The amount you can bet will vary based on the stake made by the previous player.
  6. It’s possible to request a side show if you want. This can happen with the previous acting player and that player can choose to deny or accept the request. In that case, the player that has the worst ranking for their hand will be removed.
  7. When you only have 2 players remaining in the game, one of them can choose a final showdown, and again the highest ranking hand will win.
  8. There’s also an alternative showdown if you have a pot limited game. That appears when you reach the pot limit, and it’s just like the regular showdown, which is quite interesting in its own right.

How to win in teen patti?

Teen Patti How to Win
  • The best ranking hand is with 3 similar cards no matter the suit, so you can have 3 AAA, 3 9s and so on.
  • The second best hand is a straight flush, which consists of 3 consecutive cards that have the same color and suit.
  • Third best one is the sequence, 3 consecutive cards but they have a different suit
  • Then you have the Flush, which has 3 cards with the same suit, but they don’t follow any specific sequence.
  • After that, you have the pair, 2 cards that have the same rank, no matter their suit or color.
  • The worst hand is the high card. Here you have 3 cards that don’t have the same suit, value or sequence.

Are there any teen patti variations?

Yes, you can find a variety of teen patti variations, all with their unique approach and ideas. Best of four is a known one, where every player gets 4 cards, and they need to get the best possible hand out of that. You also have the wild draw. In this case the dealer will pull one of the cards randomly and then he nominates the other cards that have the same rank as a wild card. It’s a very interesting option and certainly something to keep in mind here.

The bust card draw is when the dealer pulls a card randomly after he dealt and he nominates all the other cards as bust cards, and players that have bust cards need to fold. Another variant would be the draw, where the complete hand is dealt to every player, and players can change their hand the way they want. They can also buy new cards if they want to.

What kind of limits are in the teen patti game?

As we mentioned earlier, there are some limits, like 1024 times the ante. Depending on where you play, you might also have some financial limits when it comes to betting on teen patti. It’s also possible to play teen patti without any limits, depending on what you want. All of these are great options, and certainly something to take into consideration.

Teen patti strategies

  1. If you want to play teen patti to the best of your capabilities, you always want to avoid chasing those excessive winning hands. Sometimes they will work, but many times they don’t. Which is why the ideal thing is to bet only on hands that give you a good outcome. Risking can be ok, but it might also lose you quite a lot of money.
  2. Experimenting with playing blind can be a great idea, since it helps you learn and improve. You do want to go with smaller bets just to prevent any possible problems.
  3. One of the things you want to avoid during teen patti is to have a predictable playing pattern. Players are smart, they will notice it and use it to their advantage. So you really need to prevent that the best way you can.
  4. Bluffing won’t work as well as it does in poker, so use it sparingly. It’s definitely a problem to bluff often, as it might not give the outcome you want.
  5. You also want to learn how to read the other players. It will take rounds and lots of practice, but you can study the other players and it will certainly make things easier.

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Teen Patti is a great game and one that will take quite a bit of time to master. Yet at the same time, it’s great for beginners too and you can easily start playing online or even offline without a problem. It’s a good idea to learn the teen patti rules and also check out teen patti strategies above to get the upper hand and improve your game for the best results!