Crazy Time Live is one of the favorite games in Bangladesh that can win big money!

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Playing all kinds of games and betting online can be a lot of fun, and that’s where Crazy Time Live is such an interesting option for a lot of people. It’s always great to have a unique, creative approach as you focus more and more on betting online and just having fun for a change.

A lot of people love games like Crazy Time because not only is it creative, it’s innovative and designed to offer you the excitement and rewarding elements that you want. And in doing so, the outcome is among some of the best.

Where can you play and bet on Crazy Time Live?

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It’s always cool to play Crazy Time Live because it always adds a unique perspective and you can immerse yourself into the casino better experience. This is why Crazy Time casino online is one of the favorite place for Bangladeshi.

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Crazy Time in particular is great because it’s live, and you will find yourself betting while also enjoying the game show. That’s the cool part, the fact that it always adds a sense of excitement and fun, while also making it quite engaging and enjoyable. It does take a bit of a trial and error to narrow things down, and in the end the approach and excitement itself is what you want to pursue.

KRIKYA Casino Crazy Time Live

The great thing about Krikya is the fact that you have an extraordinary Crazy Time Live experience here. You can enter the website, and you receive an 200% Crazy Time Live welcome bonus. The way you start playing is also really simple to understand.

  • First, you want to visit Krikya website and create an account
  • Then you have to go to Live Games and pick Evolution Gaming. They are the creators for Crazy Time Live.
  • Here you want to select Crazy Time Live and you can start betting online. The bets are made live, and you can watch the game in real time.
  • All bets are managed via your account, same as winnings. So you don’t have to go to any other website, which makes Krikya the best place for anyone to bet Crazy Time Live.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time Live Wheel

Crazy Time is a unique live online game show built on our extremely successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept.

Casino games are quite stale these days, so you want to find a unique range of elements for you to explore. That’s where Crazy Time Live stands out. This is a live gambling experience and a wonderful casino game created in the form of a game show. The idea here is that you have a massive money wheel, a top slot is above the money wheel as well.

The cool thing here is that there are 4 great bonus games too. You have cash hunt, pachinko, but also crazy time and coin flip. It’s all about delivering an action based gameplay that revolves around not only the Crazy Time experience, but also around the bonuses.

What’s also nice is that the players need to make a decision, they don’t always win the same price. Involving the audience adds a lot of excitement into the mix, while making the game a whole lot more creative and enjoyable. Which is exactly what you need to think about here.

How to Play Crazy Time Live Casino Game?

The way you play Crazy Time Live is quite an easy thing to understand. The game has a money wheel and a top slot that spins together. This happens at the beginning of each game round.

There are 54 sections with bet multipliers of 1, 2, 5, and 10. Four mini games are also present on the wheel one or more times : Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

A top slot will generate the multiplier for the random bet spot. This can be a bonus game or a number. What’s great is that in case the bet spot and multiplier align within the top spot horizontally, then you have a match and the multiplier is included in the bet spot.

What happens here is that the multiplier will multiply the other multipliers in a bonus game or it will multiply when you bet on a specific number. In Crazy Time Live all players can see the bonus games, which is great. However, only those that placed a bet are able to participate and win.

So you can watch the show and not bet anything, or you can enjoy the game and bet, then see if you have the possibility to win, which does take quite a bit of time and effort.

Crazy Time Live Rules

You have the presenter starting the wheel via pushing a large red button. Whenever you have the wheel stopping, a player is able to win the multiplier right were the flapper is showing. In case the flapper is pointing to the triple or double value, then that means the multipliers are either doubled or tripled. When that happens, the  wheel will spin again.

What’s cool is that wins are on the “to one” basis. That means you have bets on 2, 5 or 10 pay the same odds. If you have a winning bet on 10, you pay 10 to 1. The wheel does have all kinds of interesting side games that can be played, as we mentioned earlier, each bonus game has its fair share of fun features, and that’s really nice.

When you think about Crazy Time Live rules, you will notice that the game itself is very simple. It adds a lot of excitement and ideas into the mix, and people like the unique approach the title brings to the table.

What are the Bonus Game Mode in Crazy Time Live?

As we mentioned earlier, Crazy Time Live does a very good job at adding in lots of twists and ideas to the core game. Even if the main game is fun, the idea of adding in some unique elements does help spruce things up and that’s what makes it very exciting. 

Each one of the Crazy Time Live bonus modes has its fair share of elements and features you can check out, and it certainly adds to the uniqueness and fun of the game experience as a whole. Then again, it’s what sets the game apart from all the others out there.

What is Cash Hunt in Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time Live Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery featuring a large screen with 108 random multipliers.

Every symbol has a win behind it. The wins vary, so you can have a crazy win, or just barely win something. As a player, you can choose exactly what symbol you want to play.

They are not rushing or pushing you into a specific approach, which is what makes the game so cool and creative at the same time. Once players choose the symbol that they want, they will be able to see what they win. All symbols get revealed at the end of the bonus round.

What is Coin Flip in Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time Live Coin Flip

A coin with a blue and a red side is flipped, and the side that’s facing up when the coin lands wins

In the case of Coin Flip, you have 2 wins assigned to each side of the coin. Needless to say, you have the same rules as a regular coin flip in your day to day life. In this case, you have a side that wins from 2-5, and the other one is 7-100.

After the coin is flipped, you get to see what you won. While this Crazy Time Live bonus round is simple, it’s still great because it adds that element of not knowing what to expect and that can be really fun.

What is Pachinko in Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time Live Pachinko

A plinko board is shown and here you will have 16 possibilities to win. There are also multipliers at the bottom. The idea is that if the puck is landing on a multiplier, you have the wins doubled, and the puck gets dropped again. When the puck lands a fixed win, all the winning bets will play.

Even if this is not the most complex bonus round, it’s still a cool option and people love it because it adds that element of randomness that a lot of us are excited about. And it’s totally worth checking it out.

What is Crazy Time as a bonus round?

While it might sound counter-intuitive, Crazy Time Live does have a Crazy Time bonus round. This one is the most complex bonus round. You have a prize wheel with 3 different stoppers, and you can choose your stopper.

When you have the prize wheel stopping on the stopper, then you have a bonus win. The wheel is not simple, there are multipliers which end up doubling or even tripling the fixed wins. In case you reach those, the wheel gets spun again, which delivers even more chances to win.

What is the biggest win on Crazy Time?

The Crazy Time Live biggest wins of all times with the insane 12500X is Cash Hunt bonus game. This is not just the biggest win from Cash Hunt bonus game ever, but the biggest win in the history of Crazy Time in general. January 6 2021 at 07:39 UTC is the moment, 25X from Top Slot lands to the Cash Game sector, the lucky position 3/3 on the board turns to 12 500X and makes 573 winners with a total win of €352,742 paid out.

What is the highest multiplier on Crazy Time?

So far, the highest multiplier for Crazy Time is up to 25,000x with a winnings capped.

Crazy Time Live has a lot of multipliers and that’s great, because it adds a lot of unique elements and creative gameplay options. But there are all kinds of multipliers in the game. You have different multipliers based on the bonus round you play. Top Slot has 50x, then Pachinko has 10000x, and Coin Flip has 5000x. You can also have the multipliers on the board doubled or even tripled in the Crazy Time bonus game.

So yes, there are some really high multipliers and you can double them or even triple them for even crazier results and cool moments. The game does an amazing job when it comes to keeping you hooked and it definitely adds a sense of fun and rewarding elements. People love this type of experience because it’s exciting, and you will find that it certainly delivers on its promise.

What is the maximum win in Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time Live has a great maximum win, and the most you can win is 20000x. Of course, if you factor in all kinds of multipliers and game elements, you can win really big. Yet it all comes down on the betting strategies that you can use and how you play. The game can end up being a very good experience and a fun one, but it also has its fair share of challenges. That’s why many like Crazy Time Live, because it certainly adds a randomized, but also fun element into the mix.

Once you start playing Crazy Time Live, you can bet right away and you can watch the game show live. While it’s randomized, it’s also televised and that certainly shows the experience is fully legit. That’s what makes Crazy Time so different to all the other games that you can find out there. People like it and approach it as one of the most distinctive and fun shows out there. Which is really is, because it’s fun and engaging, empowering and also very exciting to play all the time.

Where can you track Crazy Time Live History?

If you want to track the Crazy Time Live history and crazy time stats, then you can use Tracksino Crazy Time is a great service which does help you track data and even watch replay videos in real time if you want. That’s the great advantage to help you achieve what you have in mind, and it certainly adds to the experience.

The ability to access data and info for the Crazy Time game does allow you to enjoy some really interesting features. Being able to have access to all the crazy time live stats and data is amazing, and you will be quite amazed with how much this will influence your betting strategies. Then again, that’s the kind of thing that makes the game fun. Being able to bet on the cool stuff you want and pushing it to the next level does make it a lot more creative and exciting.

What is Crazy Time Live Strategy & Tips to Win Big Cash?

  • Crazy Time Live is a game where you always want to start off small. It’s very easy to lose money especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with the game. So if you start off small, you have a much higher chance of eliminating any major losses. And in the end, that’s the thing that you will like quite a bit.
  • Make sure that you place bets exclusively on the bonus games. Every bonus game has different segments, so you are able to alter the bet amounts accordingly. That’s nice because it adds to the excitement and rewarding solutions, while still bringing in a lot of creative moments and innovations. That’s what truly makes it well worth it all the time.
  • Playing it safe is another strategy. Some people choose to just avoid the bonus game spaces and instead they bet only on the number of spaces. Yes, you are limiting winnings, but you also get to keep losses under control and that might be the ideal option to keep in mind.
  • Split your bets, this is a good idea once you learn the rules, since it helps you improve the betting results and it can actively offer more control over the entire process.
  • Multipliers can also add bonuses, so you want to watch out for them. Making sure that you use those will come in handy, since they can bring in a much better experience and quality. Add to that the fact that you can upgrade the bonus value or enhance a bet.
  • Make sure that you set limits as you play. You want to prevent overdoing things because it’s really easy to get carried away while playing a casino game. That’s especially true when it comes to live casino experiences. They are still going to offer lots of fun, but keep things under control with limits and as we said, start slowly then build up from there.
  • Here are some other strategy that you may use when playing Crazy Time Live.
    • Low-volatility strategy: Depending on your budget, you can bet for several rounds rather than betting all the money in one round. This will increase your chances of winning.
    • Martingale strategy: This strategy requires that you bet on the four bonus fields using your bet. If it’s a win, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you need to double your bet for the next round. This will continue until you hit and win good.
    • Probabilistic strategy: Using a probabilistic strategy requires checking the game history and noting the outcome of the last 60 rounds. Look out for the fields that led to more hits than others.

Crazy Time Live Game Background

Crazy Time is created by Evolution Gaming with a Dream Catcher style money wheel with 54 segments.

Crazy Time Live was released by Evolution in July 2020.

The framework and mechanics build on the developer’s earlier Dream Catcher but Evolution has upped the ante with the addition of multipliers and the following 4 bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Adding to the appeal is the game’s HD presentation, complete with a live dealer decked out to the nines, live chat and more. And with new games starting regularly, you won’t be missing out on playing any time soon.

The Crazy Time Live game experience was designed with the idea of bringing in a new casino gameplay experience into the mix. The main focus is on offering you a great perspective and unique features, while also implementing great solutions and features. It offers the game show experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch, and the betting aspect keeps you engaged.

They do a very good job at making Crazy Time Live more than just a simple casino game. The fact that you have a show host which adds a lot of character does help quite a bit. And that’s where Crazy Time Live stands out, it manages to add a lot of soul and excitement to a game that would be hard to access otherwise. But then again, it’s a solid experience and one that you will appreciate more than expected.


Crazy Time Live is an amazing live casino game that truly stands out when compared to all the other options out there. Not only is it fun, but it’s exciting and engaging, and that’s the thing you need to think about here. Of course it’s innovative and creative, but people love it because it’s great to play, and the bonus rounds really are the icing on the cake. That’s what makes a game like this fun, after all and you will surely appreciate how it rolls and the experience that it delivers.

FAQs on Crazy Time Live

You can bet Crazy Time Live in Krikya Casino. Click here to play.

  1. Click the button “Play Now!” to visit Krikya. Create an account with Krikya.
  2. Then you have to go to Live Games and pick Evolution Gaming. They are the creators for Crazy Time Live. Select Crazy Time. Choose Crazy Time from the menu.
  3. Place your Bet. Choose from 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.
  4. Wheel Spin. Watch the host spin the wheel.
  5. After the spin is over, you will win from 1:1 to 10:1 on the numbers bet or will trigger one of the four bonus rounds.

The biggest win on Crazy Time so far happen on 21 January 2022, when the Cash Hunt bonus round delivered a win of 12,500x. With a payout of €1,919,939.

Yes, definitely. You can sign up with Krikya Casino and play Crazy Time Live to win real money.

Number 1 will hit 38.89% of the time, two will hit 24.07%, five will hit 12.96% and ten will hit 7.41%. Which is the same rate as the Coin Flip bonus round. Pachinko and Cash Hunt have a 3.7% chance, while Crazy Time bonus round has a hit rate of 1.85%.

You can expect a bonus round on average every six spins, although it might take over 30 spins to appear.

Crazy Time Live: Watch and Play Live to Win Big Cash!

Crazy Time Live is one of the favorite games in Bangladesh that can win big money! Click here to play crazy time live to win big in Bangladesh!

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  • Supports many multipliers
  • Get as high as a 50,000x multiplier
  • Multiple bonus games
  • Easy yet entertaining gameplay


  • Not available in demo mode
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